Illusion Box Game Engine

A project to create a fully functional 2D Game Engine Game Engine. It is a framework comprised of a collection of a different tools, utilities and interfaces that hide the low level details of various tasks that make up a video game. And it is designed for personal computers on the windows platform. The core functionality are a rendering engine (or renderer) for 2D graphics, a math/physics engine or collision detection, sound, scripting, animation, artificial intelligence and networking. This game development system will allow artist or programmers to make video games, and other interactive applications that require high speed graphics and audio. The process of game development will economized, in large part, by reusing/adapting the same game engine to create different games.

Examples of games made with my engine

Tribute to Pacman – A classic pacman game I made for the Global GameWare Challenge. It shows the capabilities of the Game Engine I created.

Lock Box – Unlock the video by craking de code.