Formula Void

Formula Void is a 2D science fiction fantasy racing game where you can race with your own space pod against others.

The game world is a planetary system in space. The racing goes from planet to planet. The game is played in the distance between 2 special planets. Those are the levels. After finishing on the target planet, the player can upgrade his spaceship as desired. You can pay with the accumulated points of the races that are played. In space, there are objects that the player must avoid: asteroid, space stations, satellites and space debris. Furthermore, there are also power-ups that have certain advantages over other players or extra points can be collected.

The space world has not been seen much in combination with the racing element, the races organized by the players in the game are also quite unique.

Team lead: Dirk Jan Buter
Game Idea: Jori Bremer and Dirk Jan Buter;
Development team: Kelly van Dijk, Jori Bremer en Dirk Jan Buter;
Genre: Science fiction fantasy racing game, side scroller;
Platform: Windows, iOS, Android and Web;
Target audience: 16+;