Development Portfolio

This is my programming portfolio, I worked on serval websites, software and game projects, personal but also freelance software projects. Here you see a selection of those projects.

Tennis for Fairies – A single player pong game for kids, I made a long time ago.

Xella Game – A game with an unique game concept. the idea is built upon the classic game

Dino Memory – A memory game I made for teaching programming.

3D Object Viewer – A application to create your own virtual world.

Tribute to Pacman – A classic pacman game I made for the Global GameWare Challenge. It shows the capabilities of the Game Engine I created.

Lock Box – Unlock the video by craking de code.

Illusion Box Game Engine – A fully functional 2D Game Engine Game Engine.

Formula Void – A 2D science fiction fantasy racing game.

Interactive and personalized video player – Modern marketing techniques for personalization and interaction in your videos.

Batch Renderer – An automated video render tool for batch rendered use.

Astradio Player – A radio and TV player web app.

Linux Radio Tools – A project of Staphan Verrips, which I used and changed for my own needs.

Mp3 Boost Filter – An audio tool to increase the amplitude or volume of a MP3 file to the maximum without clipping the signal.